Step 1: Download and install Adobe Air from this link:

Step 2: Download and extract GGPO from this link:

Step 3: Open ggpofba.exe (FB Alpha). Upon opening it, a folder named ROMs and other folders will be created.

Step 4: Download your desired ROMs from here and paste it in the ROMs folder which was just created.

Step 5: In FB Alpha, Go to - Game -> Load Game -> Scan ROMs. Your downloaded games should show up. Open a game to ensure offline play works before going online.

Step 6: You may want to optimize GGPO and FB Alpha at this step. Press F5 to set the controls in FB Alpha. If you have a stick/pad, make sure it was plugged in before FB Alpha started, if not restart FB Alpha. I recommend to use the enhanced blitter and set your aspect ratio so that the game looks like the arcade version. Windows 7 users may want to disable transparency if you use Aero, as it causes frameskip. Also, port forwarding is usually required but I can't help with this since most routers/modems are different.

Step 7: Lastly, open ggpo.exe and create a new account, then login. For smooth matches, look for players with 175ms ping and under.
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